Final Project: A Video About Me

This is it, the final project. I made a video about my college life and plans for my careers. All video was shot on the St Cloud State Campus except the ones at my desk, which is about a mile away. I plan on going to California next year to start my plans for editing videos and finishing my degree in California. The colleges I’m currently planning on transferring to are Pasadena community college, then the University of California Los Angeles. This video was edited in Premier Pro. It was fun having direction for the project and freedom to do whatever we wanted within the time restrictions.

I’ve worked with Premier plenty of times in the past, and even showed the person sitting next to me, Jacob, the basics on how to get started. I feel my video turned out pretty well. The music Featured in this video was by Kevin Macleod at Incomptech, and is royalty free so long as his name is mentioned.

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