Not much but projects

Today, I will cover my surplus of posts (or lack thereof) and do what is needed for this project. In doing so, here is a video:

Good video right? It takes me back to when I was little and this was still viral. Nowadays I find myself watching gaming content on youtube and laying games on steam during my free time. Here is a link to steam:

Loads of cool stuff could be found there, and if you use it, you would agree that it is a wonderful service. Word counts are a pain, right? This blog post is for a project, so I have to meet the bare minimum at least, am I right? If this were a serious post, I would probably be talking about some new game that came out or my latest video project. But ain’t nobody got time for that! especially not a college student with 2 exams, 4 big projects, and a job all at the same time. Phew!

Wowoweewa, I don’t think this has met the bare minimum yet, so hang in there, folks! Let’s talk about cats! Growing up, my family had many cats. My sister had two, but they ended up having kittens with a stray tom, and we ended up giving away about fifty kittens to some old lady. That’s a lot of cats! I also had two cats, ut not at the same time. My first cat died from liver failure, and my second cat was half mountain lion! Wowza! He was a big cat, but super friendly. My mom had about 6 cats throughout my life, but had a maximum of two at any given time. One of those cats was super mean. She would attack almost everybody except my mom and myself. Outside of my family, I got along with a lot of aggressive cats. They just like me for some reason. Pretty cool, right? Anywho, I think this is enough words, so I hoped you enjoyed this nonsensical jargen. Have a good one!

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